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Finance in Education Sector
The business model of Educational Institutions is different from that of the corporations.  Since they are formed as not-for-profit entities and have been treated traditionally as social organizations, the financing has essentially been done through Government grants.  With the advent of private universities the financing is usually structured using the corporations as vehicles for the establishment of the universities.
Avenues for private investment will be in the form of financing infrastructure and specific activities of research and innovation. There is good scope for investment by Private Equity players and Venture Capitalists in the private universities. Debt financing options are also available. Financing of operations can be done through short term financing options.
Education Sector has recently seen huge investment closures by reputed national and international companies, including private equity firms and venture capitalists.
Many existing educational institutions require funds for expansion of the existing infrastructure and consolidation of existing network.  Venturelab assists such institutions by efficient fund advisory and fund generation.
Venturelab aims at providing specialized and complete value-chain of funding solutions at the following levels of education spectrum:
Private Universities
Affiliated Professional / Technical Colleges
Autonomous Higher Educational Institutions
Study Centers / Off-Campus Centers
Ancillary / Vocational Institutions
Schools (Nursery / Primary / Secondary / Senior Secondary / Higher Secondary; Day / Boarding; National / International Curriculum)