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Management Outsourcing
We at Venturelab believe that there is an urgent need to enhance the scope and structure of education. Modern education needs to be more dynamic and creative in developing and nurturing the infinite capacities of students. The task of education is to educate the whole being of the learners and should equip them with all the tools available to face the future – a future that is largely unknown to us. And at the same time, it should validate and respect that each student is an individual in the present with a need for self-actualization in a rapidly changing world.
We are front-runners in managing educational institutes (schools, colleges and universities). Today, we take great pride in attributing our achievements to team of dedicated and talented individuals. The experience, expertise and enthusiasm of over 500 experts in academia and technology are the driving force behind our success.
We have invested highly in our Research and Development pool that allows us to translate great ideas into groundbreaking realities. Our Management Outsourcing team includes Liaison Experts, Project Managers, Academic Managers, Subject Matter Specialists, Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, Multimedia professionals, Programmers, Animators, Creative Visualisers, Sound Engineers, Product Specialists, Quality Analysts, Recruiters, Teacher Trainers, Business Development Managers and many other specialist roles. We are meticulous about resource allocation and have stringent processes for delivery management and quality control.
Whether it’s a new venture or an institution established decades ago, Venturelab can become a trusted partner for promoters who wish to outsource the management. The following is an indicative list of areas we cater to:
Human Resource
Adequate Organizational Structure
Reporting and Communication Patterns
Recruitment and Selection of Senior Management, Faculty, Administrative & Support Staff
Induction and Orientation programs
Year-long Teacher’s Training Programs
Creative Teaching Techniques Workshop
Strategic Workshops and Retreats
Employee Retention
Performance Appraisal
HR Audit
Academic Audits
Process Audits
Quality Controls and Assurance
Quality Management Approvals/ Certifications
Communication Strategy
Positioning Strategy
Branding Strategy
Media Planning/ Public Relations Strategy
(All above Strategies are carved to determine role of Print Media, Electronic Media, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Social Marketing Initiatives etc.)
Academic Management
Academic Profile & Model
Plan of Action for Implementation of Academic Model
Academic Innovations
Events Calendar and Activity Planning
Postulating Relevant Fee Structure
Designing & Implementation of Admission Process
Training of Counselors and Teachers for Admissions
Admission in Hostels
Manuals and Handbooks
Preparation and Maintenance of Policy Manual, Personnel (Staff) Handbook, Parent Handbook, PTA Constitution
Integrating IT with Education (ERP, Smart Classrooms, E-Learning Solutions etc.)
Student Enrollment Management
Web Facilitated Placement
Web Enabled Departments 
Multimedia Rich Website Designing and Content Management
Re-engineering Systems
Campus Management Systems
Academic Systems and Support
Financial Systems & Controls
Budgetary Systems
Infrastructural Designs
Upgrading the look and feel of the campus by offering appropriate architectural and lay-out design inputs
Regularly Refurbishing designs of Labs (Computer, Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Art Rooms and Music Rooms
Planning machines, equipments and furniture (fixed and movable) for laboratories, music rooms and art rooms in accordance with latest technologies
Resources/ Facilities
Concept blue-print to complete Design
Critical Analysis of Capital Purchases and Investments
Resource Utilization & Facilities Management Systems
Sports and Extracurricular Activities
Planning sports and extracurricular activities
Designing the sports complex
Planning "Outward Bound Activities" such as the International Award for Young People (formerly the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme)