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Venture Development
Venturelab was founded with an objective to facilitate establishment of quality educational institutions across India. The company specializes in incubating, managing and supporting the development of private K-12 schools, institutes, colleges and universities. We work closely with investors, land bank owners, entrepreneurs, corporates, institutions, trusts and societies to execute their projects.
Company operates Pan-India as a catalyst to the multi-billion education industry, ensuring that every rupee spent on education is socially productive and economically justified. We aim to be the change agent in catalyzing the development of excellent educational facilities and in helping to improve the overall education delivery system in our country.
Every project is unique; hence we bring the experience of professionals from the education and management background to lead in setting up a progressive education enterprise. We provide a complete solution for establishing an educational institution.
Considerations for setting-up an Educational Enterprise:
Conceptual Framework
Feasibility Study
Setting up Business Plan
Implementation of Business Plan
Conceptual Framework
In this initial stage, we explore investors to straighten out the scope of the project, focus (primary level/ Higher education), preferred locations, broad financial objective & budget from Start-Up to operational (investment criteria). Here, we determine the capacity of the founding group to start and/or operate the education entity.
Summary Report, Action Plans, Cost Profile and Recommendations will follow the meeting that will provide a concise 'blueprint' of coming together on terms of working.
Feasibility Study
After reviewing client’s ‘readiness’ to move forward we identify strategies to ensure successful startup and operations.

Firstly, we prepare a feasibility report which evaluates demand for the proposed project and determines various aspects.  It includes In-depth Analysis of Community Demographics in which we assess the potentials of location, kind of competition in the area, and the target group—the lower middle class, upper middle class or the rich class—the proposed institution will cater to.
Setting up Business Plan
Once the feasibility report has been accepted and agreed upon by all parties involved then a subsequent business plan is developed. 

In accordance with the feasibility analysis, we establish a business plan:

Reviewing the education philosophy (vision & mission)
Defining the organizational structure (hierarchy of designations)
Prioritizing staffing methods and procedures
Categorizing designs of required training programmes and strategies to implement them
Deciding the campus size with infrastructural requirements
Determining target student strength
Evaluating the most suitable programmes and curriculum
Selecting an appropriate accreditation/ affiliation/ partnership
Finding out an adequate fee structure
Identifying appropriate admission system and regulation for enrollment
Formulating strategies to undertake development of instructional resources (teaching aids) & evaluation system, and to publish suitable teaching material, books and guides
Recognizing right approach for organizing seminars, workshops, conferences & exhibitions at national and international level
Mitigating marketing plans & procedures (justifying promotional activities) to create impressive brand image of the proposed institution
Business plan focuses to refine startups by making financial projections. With due consideration to accounting policies, we determine operational budget for first five years with breakeven analysis as well as business ratios. Here we find out timelines, schedules and benchmarks to be adopted.
Implementation of Business Plan
Many organizations prepare good plans but fail to execute them effectively. It is vital that once the action plan is agreed, arrangements are put in place to track progress. We streamline the process for development of project step-by-step and thereby ensure deliverables. Our client updation team ensures that the clients are informed about growth of the project at regular intervals.
After establishment, we provide ongoing support to educational institutions to improve their revenues and generate adequate surpluses through several academic and non-academic initiatives.